October 24, 2009 at 7:49 am (Uncategorized)


well hello readers
I feel depressed again, and it feels like as if i am waiting for someone who wouldn’t come back to me anymore. I don’t know why i am doing this, but i know in the end i will get hurt alot ! it’s just that each time i think about that person, my eyes get teary for a bit. But he/she kinds of treat me like shit though and half of my heart is like to fuck it and dont think about that person. So i am so clueless now >< and now i feel like commit suicide ! Like seriously this is how hard it is for me now.

Well anyways on the other hand, the rest of my day was really bad and boring ! when someone came over i just went to my room and i didnt talk to her once when she was over ! because she was like pretty pissed at the stuff i’ve done. She said that I was going to see this “person” but actually i didn’t and wasn’t planning to. Just please get your information right before you judge me on stuff ! it just pisses me off when you dont get your facts right and Fucken tell me bullshit ! Just imagine me saying all this bullshit to you that wasn’t true and was pretty offensive, wouldnt you get pissed at that ?

bye 🙂


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  1. God Bro said,

    well yeah i think everyone would get pissed at that actually
    i mean who would do that?
    well if you need someone to talk to just text me or something
    remember what i said?:P
    so dont be shy or afraid just do it!
    well yeah dont worry about it and give up on it
    cos whats the point if you know ur gonna get hurt
    like uberly hurt
    so yeah once forget about it

    ur awesomated god bro xD

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