October 22, 2009 at 7:32 am (Uncategorized)



Someone depressed like me  

man is it just be or am i feeling depressed ?
I have no idea what is wrong with me
but each time i think about something
i feel like crying
like that “thing” is speical to me
but truth is it ain’t that important

I have tried to cheer myself up
by trying to call other people
and talk retardly to them
but none of these are working

I also have been recently been sad alot :S
and i feel like i wanna die
and feels like i dont belong here anymore
and my attitude to other people is rude
each time when someone say “hello”
i just answer with a “what”

Well hope my life gets better soon



  1. charlae said,

    gah i was sleeping when u called me sorry!!!
    oh and did u hang up or was it me? if it was me then soz it was by accident

  2. Long said,

    awww cheer up tuna ^^
    i dont know about the others but i dont care wen ur being rude. well it doesnt even bothers me.
    dont kill me yeah? jks>> anyways
    everyone has a place they belong to. n u still belong here.. wherever “here” is anyways
    p.s stop taking random pictures with my phone >_________>

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