October 16, 2009 at 11:11 pm (Uncategorized)

Rahh sorry readers for not blogging yesterday
but today i shall make it longggg

Well yesterday at school was pretty fun for once 😀
in cooking we cooked cookiez,
but my partner had to leave early
since she got s tummy ache 😦
i also found this bug in one of my untensiles D:


finally at lunch we played uno
because we are too cool for 13 (H)
plus i am very bad at it ==
because as you can tell i dont play it often as other people.

GAAA science exam ==
to me it to hard a bit  ><
so i sleept for a bit :L
GOSH ! i hope i get a B at least
and the test was on hot rocks like volcanoes, etc etc

after it was time to go home ^_^
i was on the bus and felt tired
so i sat on the ground and went to sleep for a bit :L

laters (: 


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