October 12, 2009 at 10:50 am (Uncategorized)


fcuk :@ I hate my life now
I cant even get to go to a school i want
Do you fcuken care about my education ?
because to me seems like you don’t
just because i aint the smartest person in my class
doesn’t mean i wont try at QA
GOSH ! this is once in a life time chance
why do you have to be so selfish
that i dont get what i want in life ?
just because truc dropped out,
doesnt mean i will dropped out 3/4 of the year
I fcuken know how hard it is
and i am willing to study that hard
dont you know that going there will give me a better education ?
man there is no point asking you anymore
all i get is a straight yes NO !
just because you didnt have a good education
doesnt mean i cant
You dont know how hard i try
to make you guys proud of my school work
but going to corinda isnt just good effort for me

I might as well stay at corinda now
since i cant get a simple answer from you !

Corinda fags


1 Comment

  1. trook said,

    your life isnt effed up you stupid bish.
    its effed up when you go to QA…..
    umm you + study? + qa boys? = not a good combo. (:

    stay strong, & ily

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