#101009 – blog for Chazza !

October 10, 2009 at 9:31 am (Uncategorized)

another blog for one of my dear-est friend
He is Charlieeee 😀
he is like a brother to me
because he listens to my problems
and i guess i talk retardly to him
just like how i talk to everyone (A)


Now times for his random facts :

  1. He is Charlie Ho
  2. He attends QASMT [ another smart bitch ]
  3. I reckon he is TALL D:
  4. he is also 69 years old 😉
  5. he is VIET ? WTF doesnt look like it
  6. he likes the colour blue and black (H)
  7. He is a nerd because he studies in the holidays 🙂
  8. he is so hardcore with guitar hero and
    is awesome and pro at it
  9. I think he is also a fitness freak D:
  10. he is cooler than mark !

1 month music


Ladies he is also single !
just like the other 2 people i have been blogging about
but cooler than the other 2 :L



  1. trook said,

    why are you stalking just qa boys? >.> its quite embarrasing lah.

    umm… yeah i dont know you

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