#091009 – blog for Mark !

October 9, 2009 at 11:21 am (Uncategorized)

I currently I have this awesome as friends
named MARK  TUNGOL ?!!
[ how do you say that last name ?? ]
But i reckon its like the COOLEST last name ever !

He is the cooolest person i ever met :L
and he is saying how good-looking he is
but PSSH I don`t think so
jokes jokes ^_^

Mark is AWESOME 😉
and MEGAAAAA smart as !!
what a shame I am jealous of him :L


Weird and random facts about Mark TUNGOL ?

  1. He thinks I’m more awesome than him 😉
  2. He goes to QASMT [ smart biatch ]
  3. OMFG ! he has 2 3 “rude fingers” :L
  4. mega coool brooo
  5. he thinks he is filo, viet, canto, jap and korean
  6. I am pretty sure he is 69 years old 😉
  7. he likes the colours blue, pink & red [ stalker much ? ]
  8. Oh and he is also part of the WONDERBOOYYSS

I shall blog more about Mark
when i know him more better (:


Oh BTW chicks he is single
feel free to date aye 😉
because dont you reckon he is SEXY ?


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