October 6, 2009 at 8:13 am (Uncategorized)

Why hello fellow people (:
Today the second day of school was much better then the first day
I had form first and my teacher never turned up
so Mishelle, Hong and me went to science (:

Science was causal like always
we watched this powerpoint about something :S
but i guess this unit was better then the chemistry
chem was too hard ==

Had japanese after ^^
and it was mega funnnnnn since Mishelle is there :L
we got to learn how to take away and add bigg numbers 😀
and somehow i got name “Ms Lag
because of this games we all played 😀

Lunch was pretty okay-ish
But english was like HORRIBLE D:
i hate english and the assignment i have to do ==

lunch again was better then the first lunch :L
Hong got like raped by Julie more then 3 times
me and mishelle were laughing hardout
and some friends we are that we didnt help her get up

errrr I’m too lazy to continue 😀

Alicee ❤


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