October 5, 2009 at 9:20 am (Uncategorized)

Rahhh today first day of term 4 ==
it was very enjoyable boring due to the subjects i had
first up I had DDS and Henry wasn’t there
so i couldn’t do my animation unit ==
wasted 1 lesson doing nothing due to my laziness 😀

next up i had SLP and it was a cool lesson
since we had a sub and we talked for the whole lesson ^_^
Mishelle, Hong and me took the roll up
and GOSH we took ages to get back and assembly started already D:
we sneaked at the back where the year 8 were so we dont get embarrassed :$

Lunch was pretty okay-ish i guess
and Hong was trying to be “healthy” by eating a sandwhich
but me and mishelle still had our junky habits :L

After lunch we had SCIENCE !
it was pretty casual as usual
and i think the teacher said we have HRE for 2 weeks
at like the end of this term :L

PE was awesome, got sat out for that lesson
due to my awesome as “excuse” :L
mishelle sat out too so i wasnt bored
we chatted alot which playing with our phones :L


Alice Ton (:


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