September 26, 2009 at 2:12 am (Uncategorized)

Currently it is 11:52 a.m and I am at Truc’s place

and I have finially finished eating my lunch !

I am having fun here because i get sexy time with Truc !

Well we are going to go to the shops later 😉

how fun will that be aye ^_^


random facts about me and my crazy life :

  1. I LOVE Alex ^_^
  2. OH MY GOSH ! I think Mark is a cool person ! I wish i could be like him
  3. I am like the lamest person you will ever meet D:
  4. Truc likes to eat my poo !
  5. I like to eat her poo back !     yummmy  x]
  6. I think i am a HOMO
  7. I am so addicted to bra and dresss shopping with Truc
  8. 18.08.95 ^_^
  9. My name is L.T.D (:
  10. THE END


Time: 6:06 pm

location: on the floor on Truc’s sexy room

I had just finished eating dinner andI VERY full

and is feeling very fat :O

Well LAHS fellow readers. I’m going to take a sexy shower 😀



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